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Pluto – A vida dos Outros

Wanted to share some film photos. I know I’m a “little” behind since these are still from October and November but I’ll get to them (the recent ones), eventually.

All photos shot with Superia 200.

The view from my kitchen’s window.

An afternoon visit to the village of Alcochete.

I pissed in this garage door.

Mother at the park.


The day after the opening of the new mall in Barreiro. Only that shoe in the window of this shop.


That’s how we do it out here.

A nice end of the day at Barreiro.

The next two were shot with the 28-90mm. The rest was shot with the 35/2.

A street cat looking at me right in the backyard of my elementary school.

Was “reading” the photographic book that came out from the movie “Babel”.

The locker room of my Rowing club.

All photos shot on film  in Barreiro, Lisbon, Alcochete and Montijo between October and November 2008.


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