mirandela 2009 – day 1, 2 and a bit of day 3

Have been on vacations since Wednesday in case you didn’t know. Came back to Mirandela again this year to visit Jô.

Fátima, August 2009.

Oporto, August 2009.

Mirandela, August 2009.

Arrived on Wednesday at 6:30pm so didn’t do much on that day, just time for the famous Francesinha and an ice-cream before goingo home, with some issues with my credit card in the middle.

Yesterday morning was spent in the bank trying to resolve those issues. After lunch went for a walk down the river and an ice-cream. Spent some minutes too with my feet on the water of Tua river. It felt so right.  After that Jô came to pick me up and we headed to Pombal de Ansiães to attend a theatre workshop. After a beer contemplating that beautiful landscape and a game of babyfoot we went shopping for dinner and ended the night with another ice-cream at the caffé and a walk by the river.


Mirandela, August 2009.

Pombal de Ansiães, August 2009.

This morning I had this waiting for me when I woke up.

After we had some pizza for lunch at the caffé we went for an ice-cream and got our feet wet a little more.

Mirandela, August 2009.

In a while were gonna leave to Freixo de Espada à Cinta to visit Jô’s family and we’re going to stay there until Saturday night.

I’ll be going back home on Sunday afternoon.


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