mirandela 2009 – the rest of day 3, 4 and 5

Vacations are over. Got back from Mirandela on Sunday, unfortunately.

So.. there’s really nothing more to tell about day 3: we arrived at Freixo de Espada à Cinta, had dinner with Jô’s family and got out at night for a while.

On Saturday some friends of Jô’s mother arrived and we went out to have lunch. After that we drived to Saucelle, in Spain, to go to the pool. Great pool and a great afternoon with FANTASTIC landscapes (you’ll see them as soon as i send the rolls to get developed). We left from there around 7pm and after puting some gas we drived back to Freixo to have dinner at home. To put an end to a great day we had some booze at the local bar.

Saucelle, August 2009.

The last day came. We got up early on Sunday to go to the Azibo beach at Macedo de Cavaleiros and ended up having lunch there on a buffet. I missed that beach although it’s not really a “true” beach. We left around 4pm because we had to drive back to Mirandela so I could pack my stuff and catch the 6pm bus.

Macedo de Cavaleiros, August 2009.

I made it and now i’m home..


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